An Unusual Summer Trip to Philadelphia

Obbie King

Obbie King

Somewhere in hell, a snowball refuses to melt.

RoZ and I are going to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. Not as protesters, but as an official delegate and his staff. We’ll have credentials, badges and everything.

My job will be to vote for Bernie Sanders on the convention floor. More than that, I must channel the passion and energy of the Bernie supporters who elected me.

I know the convention is much more than the festivities that we all see on TV. I anticipate a busy schedule of workshops, how-to presentations, and caucuses for every political niche. I will seize every opportunity to bend the arc of history, whether it be in personal conversation or in public meetings. And I anticipate learning a lot from this unique experience.

Every time I’m overwhelmed by the privilege of such an experience, I feel compelled to share it with others. So as time permits, I will report on my convention experience. That doesn’t mean I will report on the “news of the day.” After all, you can get that anywhere. This is a look behind the scenes at the convention as experienced by one Bernie delegate from Wisconsin.

Getting Elected

Learning how the process of becoming a delegate works, then following that process to its conclusion: a ticket to Philadelphia. Show More Show Less

Preparing to Go to Philadelphia

Life gets busier. Fundraising, paperwork, conference calls, and travel arrangements. Show More Show Less

Convention Week

Our experiences during convention week itself, starting with our arrival at our hotel on Sunday afternoon. Show More Show Less


After we got home, we processed what happened and tried to guide the movement forward as a legitimate political force. Show More Show Less

  • The Noisy Tantrum of the "Silenced"

    Some slanderous comments about one of my fellow delegates are appearing on social media, so I must debunk.

  • group Photo

    Making Everybody Happy

    Even though Bernie did not win the nomination, we won a great deal in the process. Now we must work with the Hillary people the way we would want them to work with US should the roles be reversed.

  • Hi Mom!

    In the convention hall at the DNC there seemed to be more cameras than delegates. I'm just now discovering that the cameras were often pointed at ME.