Bernie Wins the Primary!

Bernie won the primary!

The margin was roughly 57-43, which is a good margin statewide. Of Wisconsin’s 86 pledged delegates, 48 go to Bernie and 38 go to Hillary.

But the margins at the county level and the congressional district level matter as well, since delegates at those levels are assigned based on the vote at that level.

We knew that La Crosse County would get 51 delegates to the CD caucus. We now know that 32 will be Bernie delegates, and 19 will be Hillary delegates. Bernie did well in La Crosse County.

The 3rd Congressional District sends 7 delegates (four men and three women) to the DNC. We now know that four will be Bernie delegates, and two men and one woman will be Hillary delegates.

So when we hold our county caucus in ten days, we’ll be choosing the 32 Bernie delegates to go to the CD caucus on May 1. The Bernie delegates from all of the counties in the district will decide who goes to Philadelphia.

Cathy has been poking me with emails today. She started with a message to all of us who attended that meeting in late March: “who’s still planning to run for delegate?” I told her I was still planning, which was followed by her asking whether I’d sent in my form. Of course, I had already turned in my form at the meeting.

Cathy replied, “great!!! I am doing it now. Do really want to go and don’t have a snowball’s chance, but just in case.” Knowing Cathy, I’m not sure the “Do” wasn’t a typo that was supposed to be “Don’t”. Her reply was a strange mix of encouragement for my declaration, and Eyeore-like low expectations for her own.

But for now, we have a long list of La Crosse people in the running to go to Philadelphia.

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