Thursday: Under the Dropping Balloons

After returning to the hotel Thursday night, we recorded this adrenaline-fueled report on the evening’s festivities..

Speeches were given, balloons were dropped on my head and buried me up to my knees. And the crowd participated in a stunning effect during Katy Perry’s performance…


The instructions were: turn on the flashlight on your smart phone. My phone is too dumb to have a light, and too lame to have a battery that would handle it.

There will be a lot more to talk/write about in the coming days as some of this is processed.

Just know that our delegation gathered for one more “happy hour” in the hotel lobby after we were finished recording this report. I think it was Martha who told me, “we still have a lot of beer left that we have to finish before we all go home.”

I post this from the Great Hall of Chicago’s Union Station, and we¬†look forward to getting home and reuniting with our cats.


Wednesday: Obama and Kaine Feelin’ the Bern

On Wednesday we sat thru a parade of speeches on gun reform, honoring the military, and hours of other stuff before we got treated to Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, and President Obama.

One thing I forgot to talk about in the audio report: I was very moved when Gabby Giffords addressed the convention, introduced by her husband Mark Kelly. It was part of the gun reform segment. She walked determinedly with an obvious hobble, as she is still affected by her injuries. Her words came out slowly but forcefully, and it was moving to hear from this woman who is lucky to be alive.

Tuesday Roll Call

What it’s like to sit thru the roll call on the convention floor.

Here’s what it looks like when a delegation chair steps up to the microphone. South Carolina is across the aisle from us, and all the cameras fight for position to record the declaration.

The cameras jockey for a view as South Carolina takes its turn in the roll call.

The cameras jockey for a view as South Carolina takes its turn in the roll call.

Unfortunately, some of my fellow delegates walked out after the roll call was over and Hillary was declared the nominee. But…

I’m still here!